Your background

We know it’s pretty early in our relationship…but is it possible we’re made for each other?

You’re innovative

We’re looking for people who stare a project straight in the eye, face it down, make it cry “uncle!” We value – and reward – curious individuals from all backgrounds who can shout out ideas…people who want to make things better

You’re a team-player

We’re looking for positive people, who share ideas and kudos. The person who lends a helping hand to a colleague in need, and who keeps their commitments. If your grade-school report cards said “plays well with others”, you’ll fit right in.

You’re agile

We need people who are switched on and fired up. You can change gears quickly. Hit the ground running. Have all your ducks in a row. All of the above.

We’re proud of you

We’re looking for individuals. People of different backgrounds, different beliefs. After all, we have customers who come from all walks of life. We should too.

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Sound like you?

You’ve got rsa ireland written all over you.

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