Public / Products Liability Insurance

  • PL/Products Insurance, Pollution, Products Liability, accidental third party injury, accidental loss of or damage to third party property, Liability insurance,

Suits: Corporate, SME, Sole Traders, Unincorporated associations

RSA Ireland is one of the Irish insurance market's most established liability insurers providing full underwriting and claims handling service of Public/Products Liability Insurance from domestic Irish offices.

With our broad risk appetite, a flexible underwriting approach and with the ability to provide bespoke coverage solutions, we can provide you with PL/Products insurance solutions to meet the needs of your clients. 

Sweet Spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction (including Owner Controlled Programmes) and Allied Trades
  • Renewable Energy
  • Property Owners

Positive Risk Features

Factors we will take into account to make our sweet spots even more competitive.

  • Good risk management & claims experience
  • Established safety and quality culture
  • Control of contracts
  • Control of 'supply chain' risk
  • Lower footfall


Risks we would never write, or write only rarely forming a small part of a wider portfolio.

  • Asbestos Risks
  • Equestrian Risks
  • Fuel Risks
  • Hospitals
  • Railway Operating Companies
  • Manufacturers of mobile phones, pharmaceutical & tobacco products, tyres

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