RSA Product Portfolio

All Machinery Insurance

  • Sudden and Unforeseen Damage, Breakdown, Explosion, Gross Profit, Gross Revenue

The All Machinery Insurance Policy provides insurance for all the Property owned by or leased to the Insured at a specified location against physical loss or damage

Car Insurance

  • Private Car, Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft Cover

Suits: Individuals who require a high level of cover.

Suits: Private Individuals who want a superior cover

Cargo / Cargo Throughput

  • Cargo Insurance, Cargo Throughput

Our policy covers loss or damage to goods in transit under the Institute Cargo Clauses

Suits: Businesses involved in imports and/or exports, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and storage of own goods and materials

Carriers Liability

  • Hauliers Liability, Freight Forwarding including Warehousing

Carriers Liability protects your clients for their liability for loss or damage to their customers goods whilst in their care

Suits: Road Haulage Contractors, Freight Forwarders, Warehouse Keepers

Commercial Combined

  • Property Damage, Business Interruption, Employers Liability, Public/ Products Liability

Comprehensive, flexible covers for a wide range of businesses providing your commercial customers with the protection they need

Suits: Businesses, Corporations, SMEs