Carriers Liability

  • Hauliers Liability, Freight Forwarding including Warehousing

Suits: Road Haulage Contractors, Freight Forwarders, Warehouse Keepers

Our Standard Policy can be specifically designed to provide an indemnity under whatever standard contract conditions, statutes or conventions are applicable to the Insured’s business

Carriers Liability can provide cover for your clients liability for third party goods whilst it is in their custody or control.  Contract Conditions your client may operate under are IRHA, CMR, IFTA, NAWK.  Where a haulier does not operate under contract conditions for transits within Ireland we recommend Full Responsibility cover

The policy includes cover for the following:

  • The storage in course of transit up to 90 days
  • Transhipment, recovery or debris removal charges up to €12,700  
  • Own goods up to €1,270
  • Loss or damage to sheets ropes pallets dunnage chains up to €12,700
  • Loss or damage to containers and flats not the Insured’s property up to €25,400
  • General Average and Salvage Charges up to the overall policy sum insured

Sweet Spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Haulage Contractors
  • General Cargo
  • CMR (UK and/or Europe)
  • IRHA Conditions of Carriage


Risks we would never write, or write only rarely forming a small part of a wider portfolio.

  • Household/Office Removals
  • Cars, Vehicles, Portable Buildings, Prefrabricated Buildings, Boats, Caravans
  • Documents, Money or Bullion

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