Brexit Update: Green Cards and UK Driving Licences

Should a no-deal Brexit take place on the 29th March 2019 some important changes may impact personal and commercial motor customers. 

Advice for Brokers

Green Cards

If your customers are planning on driving their vehicle in Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK, following a no-deal Brexit they will be required to have a green card.

What is a green card and who needs one?
Green cards are internationally recognised insurance documents which provide proof of insurance cover to law enforcement agencies in the relevant country.

If there is a no-deal Brexit, then any motorist who plans on driving their Irish registered vehicle in Northern Ireland or the UK should ensure they have a green card or they may be subjected to legal penalties and/or fines in the UK. 

The green card is simply proof of insurance. There is no change to your customer's insurance policy.

How do I issue a green card?
Green cards can be obtained free of charge from RSA. If you have not already received or requested a stock of green cards please contact us and we will issue them to you. The green card must be filled out with the policy details and either pre-stamped by RSA or signed by you before issuing it to the customer.

UK Driving Licences

The Road Safety Authority have advised that in the event of a no-deal Brexit UK driving licence holders living in Ireland will not be able to continue to drive here on that licence.

Affected drivers should exchange their UK driving licence for an Irish driving licence before the 29th March 2019 as following a no-deal Brexit, UK driving licences will not be valid for exchange. We will be sending you letters with information about this for any of your customers that we have identified as holding a UK licence.

Further information 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us


Are you a customer who needs a green card?

If you are an RSA motor policyholder and you need a green card, you obtain one by contacting your broker.

If you're a customer you can find information on how to get a green card on the website.