Brexit Update: Green Cards and UK Driving Licences

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the potential implications of Brexit for Irish motorists. Below is some important information for any of your customers that may be concerned.

Advice for Brokers

Green Cards

Following an agreement between MIBI and the UK Department of Transport, Irish motorists will not need a Green Card when driving in Northern Ireland or other areas in the UK. Valid Irish insurance discs will be recognised as proof of insurance in the UK.

UK Driving Licences

The Road Safety Authority have advised that in the event of a no-deal Brexit UK driving licence holders living in Ireland will not be able to continue to drive here on that licence.

Affected drivers should exchange their UK driving licence for an Irish driving licence before the 1st January 2021 as following a no-deal Brexit, UK driving licences will not be valid for exchange. We will be sending you letters with information about this for any of your customers that we have identified as holding a UK licence.

Further information