How will my claim be settled?

Settlement will be by payment, or reinstatement, replacement or repair.

In the case of payment, a settlement cheque is issued to you. The cheque will be made payable to those named on the policy. If two or more people are named on the policy, the cheque will be issued to all named. In some instances, your mortgage provider may be named on the cheque. 

How long will my claim take?

We will do everything we can to settle your claim promptly & efficiently. The complexity of the claim will determine how long it will take to settle.

In the majority of cases, a loss adjuster will be appointed on behalf of RSA who will come to your property to asses the damage. 

What is not covered by my policy?

Your policy will not cover you for every event. Your policy booklet lists the events covered, and the exclusions to those events. If you are unsure, please call our claims team on 1890 290 100 and a member of the team will be happy to explain. 

Who carries out the repairs to my home?

A contractor of your choice can be appointed to carry out repairs to your property. The loss adjuster will document the extent of the damage & negotiate a fair price with the contractor for the work that is required.

In the event of an emergency, and you do not know of a contractor, we have arranged a 24 hour Emergency Helpline Service to give you immediate access to experts who will solve your emergency.

Please call 832 8756 

If a loss adjuster is appointed, who do I contact with my queries?

The loss adjuster will handle everything on behalf of RSA, there for all queries should be directed to the loss adjuster. A contact number will have been provided at the notification stage of your claim. 

What do I do if I am unhappy with how the loss adjuster is dealing with my claim?

If you are unhappy with how the loss adjuster is handling your claim, you can highlight this with a claims handler by calling us on 1890 290 100. We will look to resolve any issues you are having. 

What is a loss assessor? Do I have to hire one?

A Public Loss Assessor is a property claims expert that you can hire to handle the claim on your behalf. Please note, this cost is not covered by your policy.

You do not have to hire an assessor, and the decision to do so is entirely up to you. 

What is a policy excess?

The policy excess is the first part of the claim for which you are responsible.

The policy excess can be found on your policy schedule.

What is under-insurance?

If the amount you have insured your property is too low, you could be considered under insured. This could mean you are required to bear a proportionate part of the claim. This will be explained to you in greater detail by the loss adjuster if this should arise. 

What is retention?

To help you to find the costs of the repairs before the completion, RSA will issue the bulk of the settlement agreed, but hold back a percentage of it. This amount will be released when you provide us with evidence that the work has been completed at the agreed price. 

Will my phone/laptop/iPad be covered?

Loss of damage to items away from the home is covered under the All Risks section of your policy. This cover is optional, so refer to your schedule to see if youy have cover.

There are exceptions to this cover, for example a phone must be specified on the policy, and is not covered by unspecified all risks. Refer to your policy booklet for a full list of policy exclusions. 

What happens if part of a set is damaged (e.g. a suite of furniture)?

Only the damaged item is covered by the policy. Any undamaged item which is part of a set, i.e. uniform in nature, is not covered. This also applied to replacements which do not match the remaining items.