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Products and Services



* We provide bespoke insurance to multinational companies domiciled in these countries through our Global Specialities business.

Motor Insurance

At RSA, we strive to provide you with the most attractive motor insurance policies, incorporating our three products:

  • Car Insurance - A general insurance policy of the highest quality
  • Select Car Insurance - A high quality policy tailored to meet your requirements

If you would like to get a RSA Motor insurance quotation, please contact your local professional broker.

Types of cover

Third Party - Covers the motorist's legal liability to other people as well as damage to other people's property.

Third Party Fire & Theft - Third Party cover as above, but also covers loss of or damage to the insured's vehicle caused by fire or theft and legal liabilities to others including damage to property.

Comprehensive - In addition to providing the cover listed above, Comprehensive provides various other benefits such as:

  • Cover against theft of property from the car
  • Cover for policy holders car
  • Cover for policy holder in case of serious injury
  • Cover in case of death
  • Accidental damage to the insured vehicle.
  • A replacement car if your car is totally destroyed or lost, when less than one year old.
  • Unlimited windscreen damage cover without deduction of excess or loss of no claims bonus.

Factors Affecting Premiums

To assist you in understanding Motor Insurance premiums and how they are calculated, we have listed a number of factors below. These factors will give you simple english explanations to the jargon commonly used within the Motor Insurance Market.

  • Type of Vehicle
  • Age of Vehicle
  • Value of Vehicle
  • Area Vehicle is garaged
  • Type of Cover
  • Class of use
  • No Claims Bonus or Driving Experience
  • Number of Drivers
  • Type of Driving Licence

Change of vehicle details

We shall need to know:

  • Make and exact model.
  • Year of make.
  • Estimate of present value.
  • Engine capacity.
  • Registration Number.
  • Date of Purchase.
  • Whether the car has been modified.
  • Date insurance of current vehicle is to cease.

Remember - you must not drive the vehicle on the road until you have a new certificate of insurance and Insurance Disc.

Going abroad

To insure your current level of protection is maintained for travel to any other country outside Ireland and the UK, you must let us know before the trip. We shall need to know the dates of your trip and the countries you shall be visiting. We will tell you if there is an additional premium and issue a Foreign Use Extension which includes:

  • Confirmation of the dates and countries to be visited.
  • Claims procedure notes - what to do if an accident occurs.
  • Accident statement form - to help you at the scene of the accident.
  • Claims Settling Agents' List - who to contact abroad and where.

Green Cards are not necessary for travel in most European countries. For travel to a country which still requires a Green Card to be issued, this will also be included at no additional expense. You must remember to take your Policy and Certificate of Insurance with you.

Click here for some useful advice on being on the road abroad.

Update Your Policy

Customers dealing through a Broker

If you deal through a professional insurance broker, please contact them direct instructing them of the amendment to your Motor policy.

Customers dealing direct with RSA

Please contact us on 1890 290 100 to make amendments to your policy.

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